Friday, January 20, 2006

Orb Networks

Finished up our Bay Area swing with a visit to Orb Networks, who does some really neat stuff allowing you to access your home media (photos, TV shows) remotely either by PC or cell phone (and for free). They've done some integration with Skype where you can get your Skype voicemails remotely, but we think they can do a lot more than that with our AIM APIs. We got some great feedback from them, especially regarding how our API stacks up against Skype's. We're definitely looking forward to an AIM-enabled release of their product.

This photo is shot from the Orb conference room looking out across San Francisco bay, from the Oakland side. Quite a view...


ksc2l8 said...

I've reported this issue before but no resolution was made.

The alphabetical order of friendly names is not exactly alphabetical. In this picture here it shows mark is above margaret alphabetically. This probably occurs because mark's screenname starts with ch and margarets screenname starts with co. I've also seen this with julie and julia with a similar screenname relationship to the prior example.

No big deal, but you wouldnt want people to think you big aolers don't no no grammar.

sh3nl0ng said...

I didn't even know you could sort the buddy list in alphabetical order.  How do you do it? I can't seem to find the action anywhere.

Whoa juberti has been going all over the place.  The past few days.  Seems like big great stuff will be comming.  But with all this traveling, I can't imagine any new release of anything for a while.