Friday, January 20, 2006


Spent a long day Thursday at the Googleplex discussing various technical matters. We're jazzed to have Google extending the AIM network, and we expect our collaboration on engineering will result in great things for our users. It's quite fun to be able to share experiences with people who have had to solve the same technical problems, and exciting to think about what could be accomplished if we can work together.

We didn't get to meet Larry or Sergey, but we did get a cool mini-tour where we saw, among other things, the Google "globe" plotting where all the Google search queries on the Earth are coming from. It would be way cool to do the same thing for all of our AIM traffic...

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erikkri said...

Pleeaaaase tell me that the story you are linking to is not true, and that you are
planning real interop without the need for google talk users to sign up for aim as well.

Also why o why no interop with msn and yahoo? Can't somone just step up and do
the right thing once in a while.