Friday, April 28, 2006

More AIM SDK stuff

Whoah! Kind of fell off the surface of the blogosphere for a bit, had a lot of distractions recently (more on that another time). Anyway, here are a couple quick news items regarding the AIM SDK:
  • After considerable customer feedback (see my previous post), we've clarified several ambiguous points in the AIM SDK license agreement, up at Specifically, we've addressed the use of the AIM SDK with open source software in Section 4, and modified the wireless restriction to exempt software running on a PC or using 802.11. Lastly, we've removed text which indicated that you must send us mail if you change the URL where your custom client or plugin is hosted; now you can just change it from the "Manage Keys" page.
  • The first AIM SDK plugin written by a third party developer that I have found is AMIP, which adds the song that you are currently listening to to your AIM profile. It's like JAMS's MyTunes, except AMIP supports many more music players. Worth checking out.
  • On the subject of JAMS, we now see over 100,000 people using JAMS every day. Thanks to all of you who have used JAMS and recommended it to friends.
  • Last, we are gearing up for our AIM SDK 1.1 release. There will be a lot of new goodies along with many bug fixes in this release. Look for it in the near future...