Friday, October 28, 2005

JAMS 2.1

JAMS 2.1 is out, and works with AIM Triton Beta 8. For best results, before installing, "Exit AIM" from the AIM Triton File menu or tray icon first.

The main new stuff in 2.1 is:
* Broadcaster - new plugin from Greg that sends an IM to every buddy in a group
* Better integration with AIM Triton - no more silly tray icon, now the plugin commands will come up when you click the "Actions" button on the AIM Triton main window.
* A number of usability fixes to EZLogger and MyTunes based on user feedback.

Update 10/28 4:32 PM EDT:
I goofed and accidentally uploaded the wrong file when I published this the first time. If you downloaded JAMS 2.1 prior to this update, please redownload and reinstall. Sorry... had lunch on the mind...

Update 11/11 4:37 PM EST:
Haven't had time to update recently... crunch time. Couple things I wanted to mention:
* There is a known problem with MyTunes not replacing %song properly... will fix as soon as I have time
* The JAMS tray icon will not be returning... please use the Triton Plugin Settings tab to configure plugins and the Triton "Actions" button to activate them
* I am working on a web page that lists all the JAMS features... hopefully will be done in time for JAMS 3.0...
* Regarding uninstallation, JAMS only installs 1 file, jams.dll, which is cleaned up by the uninstaller as long as JAMS is not loaded into memory at the time. If you are seeing JAMS leave other stuff behind... please describe and I will look into it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yalta 2005?

Greg has a post on his blog with a picture that was taken of AIM (Greg), Yahoo, and MSN developers together at PDC 2005. Always interesting to know your competition...

Thursday, October 6, 2005

AIM Developer Site Live

The new AIM Developer Site has been launched to support the AIM Presence API that we are unveiling today. I'll be covering the AIM Presence API in a future post; right now I wanted to encourage developers to register and learn about license keys. Registration and license keys are important parts of all the AIM Developer stuff we will be releasing in the coming weeks, including other AIM web services and AIM Triton Plugins.

Also, I wanted to menion the AIM Developer Message Boards where we will be answering questions about the AIM Developer Program and AIM Presence API. Note that these forums are for technical questions only; for help with using AIM please refer to our support center.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

500 Buddies

The max buddy limit has now been raised to 500  Now you can have room for just about anyone you know on your buddylist. (An interesting article here indicates that the average person knows 290 people. So we're giving you close to double that!) Because of some database constraints, the maximum number of buddies in a single group is still 200. We'll see what we can do in the future.

Update 10/08/2005:
It is reported at this site that Yahoo's max buddy limit is 300 and MSN's is only 150. :-D

Update 10/10/2005:
Dare from MSN reports that MSN's limit is actually 300. Nice to meet you Dare!

New Logo and AIM Triton Demo

"yt?" is history. Now the Running Man's got a new favorite word.
Also, there's a new Flash demo of some of the new features in AIM Triton up on Check it out at