Thursday, October 6, 2005

AIM Developer Site Live

The new AIM Developer Site has been launched to support the AIM Presence API that we are unveiling today. I'll be covering the AIM Presence API in a future post; right now I wanted to encourage developers to register and learn about license keys. Registration and license keys are important parts of all the AIM Developer stuff we will be releasing in the coming weeks, including other AIM web services and AIM Triton Plugins.

Also, I wanted to menion the AIM Developer Message Boards where we will be answering questions about the AIM Developer Program and AIM Presence API. Note that these forums are for technical questions only; for help with using AIM please refer to our support center.


taz0jam said...

Lol well i'm not a developer but I like the Aim Presence idea it makes it a bit more interesting.  I guess it may even one day lead to sending messages within a webpage instead of opening aim, but lol how annoying would that be.

truejournals said...

Have to say this is pretty neat...  and with PHP, endless possibilites.  I'll try to whip up somthing.