Tuesday, October 4, 2005

New Logo and AIM Triton Demo

"yt?" is history. Now the Running Man's got a new favorite word.
Also, there's a new Flash demo of some of the new features in AIM Triton up on aim.com. Check it out at http://www.aim.com/triton/demo.html


evilelf2407 said...

In the flash demo, why does EVERYTHING start with 'I am'. It doesn't fit well, and its just annoying. You should get rid of that, and just use the other things. Another suggestion is that perhaps with the logo instead of orange, you should make it blue. If its blue it will fit together better with the aol colors, you know? just a few suggestions.

seniors said...

evil elf, stop and check yourself and realize you are annoying as well and they probably have a good campaign team behind the text they use.

ctrlaltbz said...


This seems to be very nice, but two more features are needed to make this usable on an every day basis. The first is default text formatting, and the second is the ability to dock the buddy list to the right of the screen. It doesn't seem like these would be too hard to add but would be extremely appreciated.

Also, when can we see a plugin api? :-)

evilelf2407 said...

Seniors, how does that in any way contribute to the discussion or to this website?

dpbluegreen7 said...

I've avoided changing from AOL Communicator IM because it's the only client I know of that supports friendly names (i.e., real first and last names instead of screennames).  Does Triton support these?

Also, is there a search box in the buddylist so that i can quickly jump to the position where a buddy is, say, to check their away status?  If I can have 500 buddies, I need to be able to search across them!

juberti said...

AOL Triton supports friendly names and quick searching of the buddy list. These features are 2 of my top 10 favorite features in Triton.

ben64aim said...

Two words for AIM Triton's logo:
Super Sexy

Two words for AIM Triton:
Freaking Sweet

Two words for AOL:
Good Job

A sentence for you all:
Get AIM Triton... or I'll sic You-Know-Who on you!