Tuesday, November 22, 2005

JAMS 2.2

JAMS 2.2 is available for download and works with AIM Triton 1.0, as well as the most recent AIM Triton Betas.

What's new in JAMS 2.2:
* EZLogger now will bring up a specific buddy's IM history if you select that buddy and invoke "Show IM Logs" from the AIM Triton Actions menu.
* A number of bugs reported have been fixed, including issues with the %song argument not working properly in MyTunes, and incomplete cleanup of the registry during uninstallation. If you encounter problems with JAMS 2.2, please comment here on the blog; as this is how I find out about most issues.

Due to popular demand, I have also posted a page that details all the JAMS plugins and what they do.

Update 11/23 10:31 PM EST: We goofed. I discovered the "Settings" buttons are not working for any plugins in Triton 1.0.2. It will be fixed in the next Triton release. I also verified the issue with Colorizer where IMs are not colorized if you have customized your font preference. I will release a version of JAMS next week that will resolve this issue (unless you have customized the color in your font preference).  I was not able to reproduce the reported issues with MyTunes.