Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Triton Beta 1.2.10

We just released a new beta of AIM Triton, this was mainly a bugfix release as we get ready to land our next set of features. Notable improvements in this release include support for most proxy configurations, and (at long last) a fix for the plugin settings bug.

For proxies, we will now support SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxies if they are configured/autodetected with IE. However, we don't currently support proxies that require authentication as we have not yet done the work to deal with retrieval/storage of the proxy credentials. A future release will support SOCKS4 (is anybody still using this?), proxies that require authentication, and smart selection of the ports used to contact the AIM service. If you are using Triton and are having problems connecting, please let me know (along with any details of your network that you know) so that I can find out where we can still improve.

For the settings bug, a small oversight on my part led to this being broken for several weeks. When "null" is passed in from Javascript, the VARTYPE of that argument is VT_NULL, not VT_EMPTY. I missed this when we were trying to get all the plugin stuff finished and we didn't get a chance to get a new acccore.dll into Triton for quite a while.

Anyway, settings will now work for plugins that support settings (IAccCommandTarget::Exec with a command id of -1). The only JAMS plugin that currently supports settings is Colorizer, where you can change the saturation and value of your colors, as well as the time it takes to cycle through all the hues. Now that the settings button works, look for more plugins to have tweakable settings (one common ask is for timestamps in EZLogger) in a future version of JAMS.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

AOL Employee Blogroll

So this blogging thing is starting to catch on at AOL. Seems like every day, I'm getting email from another employee blogger. So I figured I would make a master list of employee bloggers... and sort them by their AIM Fight scores.

Here's the top 5:And here is the full version of the list.

Monday, February 13, 2006

New Week, New Stuff

Last week brought some reshuffling of the technology groups at AOL, with one result being a greater focus on open services, and a second result being that I now report to the SVP in charge of open services (Sree Kotay). Sree's done some neat stuff in his career (Kai's Power Tools); it's always cool to have a VP who can still throw down some CODE.

Open services are going to be a big deal at AOL (really!)- we already have AIM Presence, with AIM Plugins, AOL ModuleT, and a bunch of stuff I can't talk about yet coming really soon. Some other AOL employee blogs to check out... Greg and Justin C. (my team, AIM infrastructure), Corey (UI toolkit), Gus (AIM Triton UI), John (OCP infrastructure), and Jason (MusicNow).

And in the "it's about time" category... now support SFTP... point your SFTP client (I like PSFTP) at and log in using your AIM username/password. I will no longer have to fight the Hometown file manager to upload my photos...

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Google and AOL

Whoah! Been a bit heads-down finishing up our APIs and cranking on new stuff for Triton. Can't wait to get this stuff out in your hands. Anyway, a number of recent happenings to blog about...

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, dropped by the AOL campus as a surprise guest to one of our company meetings. Sitting in the audience, it was very interesting to hear him speak. The Q & A session with him was very funny:

Q (read by Jon Miller, AOL CEO): Why did you pursue a deal with AOL? Was it simply to block Microsoft with us as a pawn in a geopolitical chess game?

A (Eric): Yes. (Massive laughter). I can't think of any other reason. Did you have another question?

Eric is on the left in the picture, wearing his very bright blue suit. On the right is Ted Leonsis, AOL executive and majority owner of the Washington Capitals hockey team. Ted's an interesting character and has a blog you should check out at