Thursday, February 9, 2006

Google and AOL

Whoah! Been a bit heads-down finishing up our APIs and cranking on new stuff for Triton. Can't wait to get this stuff out in your hands. Anyway, a number of recent happenings to blog about...

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, dropped by the AOL campus as a surprise guest to one of our company meetings. Sitting in the audience, it was very interesting to hear him speak. The Q & A session with him was very funny:

Q (read by Jon Miller, AOL CEO): Why did you pursue a deal with AOL? Was it simply to block Microsoft with us as a pawn in a geopolitical chess game?

A (Eric): Yes. (Massive laughter). I can't think of any other reason. Did you have another question?

Eric is on the left in the picture, wearing his very bright blue suit. On the right is Ted Leonsis, AOL executive and majority owner of the Washington Capitals hockey team. Ted's an interesting character and has a blog you should check out at

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rehaxton said...

Is that a turquoise jacket and a pink tie?  :)