Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AIM API Update

Greg and I are out in Silicon Valley this week talking with some select customers about our APIs (and getting a chance to grab some great fish tacos). Here's a shot of the AOL building here in Mountain View, where we gave a presentation today - love the palm trees.

Anyway, about the APIs - we have some good news and some bad news.
First the bad news: if you have been developing 'unofficial' plugins by looking at acccore.dll/reverse-engineering JAMS, your plugins probably stopped working today. This is because our API key management system went into production today.
The good news: you know what that means.
Also: head on over to I Am Alpha and see the web widget APIs that our AIM web guys have whipped up. These are not the AIM Plugin APIs, sorry for the confusion.

Off to another exciting location tomorrow! (If you're a native of the area and have any recommendations for hip restaurants, we'd love to hear from you.)

Update 1/18/06:
The IconMaker plugin in JAMS 2.5 had an incorrect key and was therefore disabled by the key-management system. Look for a JAMS 2.51 this week with a fix.


redalienzero said...

Just a question... My "Icon Maker" button disappeared from the actions bar... All the other buttons work fine... i've tried turning it on and off, saving the settings and turning it back on... turning everything else of... uninstalling JAMS and reinstalling JAMS... I just can't understand why that is the only button that doesn't work

is there any insight you can give me to fix the problem?


kevishawt said...

what happen to the custom buddy icon feature, it just disapeard on my actions menu?

adtchrispo said...

> The good news: you know what that means.

I may be very slow, but I don't "know what that means". Does it mean we'll need a plugin certification of some sort from AOL to register plugins with Triton? And that's good news?