Wednesday, July 6, 2005

More AIM Presence Indicator Stuff

scottp00010 wrote in with some PHP code he wrote to generate different output from a webserver based on whether the target user is online or offline. Less hacky than the javascript solution I posted a couple months ago. He has code for the AIM version and an ICQ version - these could also be condensed into a single version by checking the first character of the screenname and going to if a letter, or if a number.

Scott has posted a new version that supports both AIM and ICQ as described above.


scottp00010 said...

here is the AIM & ICQ Combined Script:

shawnfst said...

This is pretty cool.

I also noticed that Triton now has the Mail and Radio tabs at the bottom, I love that type of intergration with a paticular application. Is it possible that we might see a AIM tab built into AOL Explorer? I could imagine hiding AIM in a panel would be a great space saver (Kinda like the Netscape Browser). If we seen alot of merging (or possible merging) into different applications that might bolster brand acceptance.

A big argument over the browser wars is basically, what can my borwser do that yours doesn't and I think providing AIM would be a great start. With RSS, Mail, and the different side panels we see alot of functionallity that already tops IE (Though AOL Explorer is based on IE) and Firefox users would like to see an IM/Chat component built into Firefox (Yes I hang around with that crowd too). They have chatzilla however that doesn't do justice.

Previously you stated that Triton will accept plugins. Will those plugins be covered under a Creative Commons License or other one?   Also with the majority of the applications comming out in Beta is there any talk of creating themes? Sorry if I am blasting you with alot of questions however I'd hate to see things never developed because of not knowing.

specialagent88 said...

Hey Justin,

Can we expect profile integration in Triton in the near future?  That seems like one of the key features missing in these early betas.  Or will profile be replaced with something different...

What about logging (a longtime request) or transparency (...DeadAIM)?


specialagent88 said...

Another request Justin..

Would it be possible for the designer and/or developer of the new portal to start a blog?  That is something that effects the masses and (also) represents the new AOL.  I would be very interested in hearing what they have to say, as well as commenting.

itzdarc said...

This script works great, thanks Scott for being awesome and providing an intuitive way to get this functionality working.  I do have a question for someone at AOL though.  I block screen names that aren't on my buddy list in my preferences.  That seems to be the narrowed down reason the script always returns me as offline.  My question is, is there a certain screen name uses to check my status that i would be able to put on my buddy list (so it can see me!) or is there something else i could do to get around taking that ban off?


juberti said...

If you aren't permit-all, you show up as offline all the time. We plan on having a separate preference to control whether you allow your presence to be disclosed to web users.