Tuesday, July 19, 2005

AIM Fight!

AIM Fight is now officially live! Find out how popular you are in the AIM universe, and compare to a friend! (Sorry Greg, I had to go up against someone).

For the developers out there, this is an example of some of our new AIM server APIs that we expect to make public in the near future.

Update: As a bonus of our shared backend, AimFight also works for ICQ numbers.


ksc2l8 said...

how about you show all the subscores. So that way you see how many people have you on their buddylist then how many people have them on their buddy list and so on

shawnfst said...

  Do you know when you will release the API? I'm sure myself as well as some others would love to start developing for when Triton is released.

josephmaaz said...

Very nice stuff. This is fun to share with friends. I wonder who is the number 1 person?

bltsandwich said...

From today's Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07/20/AR2005072002556.html

samsontv said...

And to turn this on its end, the WashingtonPost.com article is currently [7/21/2005 14:26:00 EasternUS] the #6th most e-mailed article on their site. :-)  Remember your AIMFight rank is real-time, so while you may kick bootah when all your work buddies are online, you may not be such hot stuff in the evening, or vice-versa.  High school deja-vu all over again. ;)  On of the more buzz-worthy gimmicks AOL has done. Nice work.

seniors said...

I am regulating on AIM Fight, Mike Tyson style.  If you wanna battle me attempt to go against the SN: Seniors.  Btw I just realised how nice aol has this journal setup so that the comments are on the main post, better for SEO.

I am still C0FE0251 on my mail.aim.com with no clue why this is going down.