Wednesday, July 27, 2005

AIM Fight Hacks

It didn't take long for people to start doing neat stuff with AIMFight. "DosBubba" on Slashdot was the first one I saw to uncover the (unofficial) web API used by the page:

The returned data is of the form


"success=1" -> both names were valid
"score1=132451" -> score of name1
"score2=6004" -> score of name2
"oscore1=27241" -> name1 was ranked with a rank of #27241
"oscore2=0" -> name2 not ranked
"height1=99" -> relative height of name1's vertical bar
"height2=4" -> relative height of name2's vertical bar

"jcuervo" quickly came up with a Perl wrapper, and "DBergere" wrote a shell script wrapper. "timdorr" even wrote a Mac OS X Dashboard widget.

Dashboard users may also want to check out this widget, which displays selected buddies on your desktop. Pretty neat, but would be even better if it could display the buddy icon as well... which seems like it should be easy to do if you have read this post. Anyone feeling brave?


addictedrcf said...

Hey, I'm a visual basic programmer and discided to have a crack at this... I made a simple program that gets the score of the screennames... I hope you guys don't think this is a trojan or anything so heres a link... check it out ... works flawlessly for me...
Zipped .exe... I'll release the source code if no one trusts me :)

hisnameislinux said...

I wrote a PHP version here

cybermagellan said...

I decided to take the php script and basically the same page as AIM Fight (because I have no creativitiy) and make my own page...

to do what AIM Fight does as a hack. I plan on updating it by showing the avatars of the users and a few other things. Feel free to email me to give any ideas, comments, or suggestions.

w0lverne said...

Can you hack it so that you can see who has your screenname on their buddylist?

That would be the ultimate hack!