Friday, October 6, 2006


A few of us have been working on a new AIM client that demonstrates what you can do with the Open AIM SDK and the Boxely UI toolkit we've developed here at AOL. It's fast, light, and has some great features - including IM logging, SSL encryption of your communications, and support for plugins (including AIM Gadgets).

Check it out at the AOL Greenhouse New builds will be posted on a regular basis, so let us know what you think!


might2mash said...

Very, very cool! Runs very smoothly, and I like the interface a lot. The only thing I miss is custom sounds/away message.

sofarfromview said...

I like the simplicity of it.  One thing I'm curious about (though it may be better to ask elsewhere if you can point me there) is what happened to per-message timestamps in the logging, and the logging of buddy events?