Thursday, June 23, 2005

And Blogging for All...

AOL management has given the official OK for employee blogging... hope I helped influence that decision. Now you can read several other employee blogs, including Greg, an engineer on my team (AIM architecture), and a different Justin, an engineer on the Boxely team (UI toolkit). Greg's blog has had a lot of updates already, so it obviously means he is less busy than I am. I will have to talk to him about that :)

We also recently opened up blogging for AIM users... you can get your AIM blog, or read other AIM users' blogs, here.


austeinm said...

Great job if you had some part in this.  Blogs are a great way for keeping some contact up, though I'm sure you knew this.
--Matthew Goldstein (formerly CodeCronus, but some sort of glitch deleted that account and my brother's without any sort of e-mail notification)

shawnfst said...

Good job Justin. We all enjoy seeing devs and such come out and share their thoughts and ideas with us. Keep up the good work.

josephmaaz said...

Yes, I'm glad to see this come about. :)
I first found you on a slashdotting I think so, that was welcoming to see this too. Baxely is the way to go.

- Joe

dossyshiobara said...

If this is "official," who in management (and at what level) did this approval come from?  Is AOL preparing a separate set of guidelines for Employee Blogging, or is it all going to fall under the umbrella of the "Code of Employee Conduct" handbook?

Either way, welcome to the blogosphere, guys.  Glad you made it.