Monday, June 12, 2006

AIM SDK 1.1 Released

Today we released the latest version of the Open AIM SDK, at Highlights of this release:
* AIM Bots - turn any screenname into a bot that has higher rate limits and cannot be warned
* AIM Location Services - see where your AIM buddies are in real life
* Improved support for AIM Talk voice calls
* Support for custom clients and bots on Mac OS X, Linux, and Pocket PC
* Support for custom clients and bots written in Java
More sample code, including VB.NET and Java samples

Also, be sure to check out the stuff that people are building with the AIM SDK:

AIM Gadgets (formerly known as JAMS)
AIM Location Plugin
Nalsoft IM Logger

Custom Clients
AIM Triton
Go PowerTools
PCD Music Lounge
Super Computer International


jherskow said...

How does AIMP and JAMS (MyTunes) co-exist?  What would happen if I'm running both?  Which would win?

huberti said...

One more client that I missed:

absolut352 said...

Has anyone else had trouble installing the Nalsoft logger? It makes my antivirus go crazy and when i disable it it fails to install.

hobbles2000 said...

Why is AIM gadgets not avalible for download??? Is there any other place i can find it?