Monday, May 15, 2006

PCD Lounge

Some more cool Open AIM news - the startup Doppelganger just announced a new client called the PCD Lounge that lets you hang out and chat with people in a virtual nightclub, and it's integrated with AIM. There's nightclub lighting and kicking music going the whole time - definitely captures a club feel pretty well. Definitely worth checking out - but make sure you have a fast computer.

Here's a screenshot:

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boutdatregal said...

The New AIM Triton beta blows. Although its a beta, there's more problems to fix in this beta than I've ever seen. To be honest with yeah, literally, everyone I've talked to who downloaded the new beta Triton immediately uninstalled it. If AOL could actually monitor how many users actually use Triton, they'd see it is the least popular program ever used! It's about as used as much as GoogleTalk. I heard AOL and Google are thinking of making their IM clients interoperable. If that is true, then Gtalk would blow AIM out the water because it is newer, and eventually will likely have a better user interface, similar features, etc - you get the idea. I think you AOL developers have dropped the ball on this project. I'd cancel Triton permenantly, and quit your job, you DOUCHE bag. Most people, in fact, literally everyone I know, went back to 5.9v.