Monday, March 6, 2006

Open AIM

At last! Today is a big day for our team and AOL as we proudly announce the "Open AIM" platform at In addition to our AIM Presence web service, we are now offering the AIM SDK to all developers. With the AIM SDK, developers can write plugins for the AIM Triton and AIM Pro clients, or write their very own custom AIM clients. 

The full functionality of the AIM network is exposed in the AIM SDK – it’s the same robust and performant libraries that AIM Triton and AIM Pro are built on top of. Both plugins and custom clients have easy access to presence, text messaging, SMS, voice, video, security services, and much more. And it’s being made available through a very flexible license – it’s free to use for non-commercial and limited commercial use (up to 250,000 users per day). 

The JAMS source code, and other sample code, is included in the SDK. And there is extensive documentation, so it’s easy to get started.

Why are we doing this? We think that we can offer developers the best IM platform, by combining the AIM network’s extensive reach (63 million active users) with the power of our AIM SDK and web services – and that puts us at a real competitive advantage. 

We’re really excited to be launching this first version of the AIM SDK, but also have a lot more in store that just couldn’t make it into the 1.0 release. We’ll be offering a number of new features, plus support for more languages and platforms in future versions of the SDK. Show us what you can do!


austeinm said...

Its great to see this!
I keep reading that the SDK will be released for Linux and Mac.  However, I cetainly haven't seen any new non-Microsoft Windows client releases from AOL recently.  Given that the SDK is Triton-only, should we expect to see Triton go cross-platform?

juberti said...

The SDK allows creation of plugins for AIM Triton and AIM Pro, both of which are currently Windows only. But you can also write custom AIM clients with the SDK, which can run on any platform the SDK supports.

funkytaco said...

Congrats! I'm very interested in you work,  Juberti. I'd like to implement basic IM functionality to as related to music, with maybe something like your MyTunes. I guess I will wait for your RHE implementation as mentioned on the dev boards.

soundyg said...

I would, however, suggest that one make the "Developers" area-- more specifically, the message boards, a little bit harder to find (instead of a huge, bold link at the top of the page.  Invariably, the developer forums are going to start getting flooded with people who "forgot their password" and "ban this guy" posts (which has already started).  I'd say at the very least nest the forum links in the Manage Keys area to prevent the less-than-astute people from getting annoying. :P

Of course, that's just my 33 1/3 cents. :)

roopamathew said...

Its about time - congratulations!

x3n0nz said...

Greg's blog owns your blog.