Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mailbag 12/29/2005

With all the great questions I've received, I've decided to copy an idea of Greg's and start a weekly mailbag post. You can post your questions in blog comments or send them to me directly. Here's the first set of questions...

Q: When will the next version of JAMS be released?
A: The new tenative release date for the next JAMS is 1/6/06.

Q: What will be in the next JAMS?
A: Greg and I are working on two great new plugins that add much-requested functionality to Triton. The bug with Colorizer not working if you have customized your font will be fixed. We will also be looking into the reported iTunes issues.

Q: When can I develop my own plugin?
A: I cannot comment on dates, other than to say that we will be releasing the SDK "really soon".

Q: What if I don't want to wait?
A: You can get a head start by looking at the type library for acccore.dll, which is installed in the AIM Triton folder under "services/im". You can use the "oleview.exe" tool to view the type library.

Q: Anything more you can say about the plugin SDK?
A: As previously mentioned, the JAMS source code will be released with the SDK. There will also be a number of other goodies and surprises.
Q: Can you make JAMS work with my favorite music player?
A: If you send us a code snippet or URL showing how to get the track info for said player, we will try to add it.

Q: Can you make a plugin that adds the alert icon to the buddy list?
A: AIM plugins cannot currently change the buddy list UI. However, a future version of Triton should have this feature.

Q: Can you make the settings button work for JAMS?
A: Unfortunately this is a bug in AIM Triton 1.0 and 1.1. It can't be fixed in JAMS, but it will be fixed in Triton 1.2.

Q: Can you make a version of JAMS for the Triton betas and one for Triton 1.0?
A: JAMS 2.2 and all future releases will work with Triton 1.0 and all subsequent Triton releases, so there is no need for separate versions of JAMS.

Q: Can we have timestamps for every message in the logs?

A: Personally I think this clutters things up, but there has been enough interest that I will try to add it as an option in a future JAMS.

Q: Can EzLogger use the default browser instead of IE to display logs?

A: I tried to make that work, but I could not figure out how to make ShellExecute navigate to a URL with an anchor, so that the log is scrolled to the end (e.g. file:///juberti.html#end). If you know of a way, please let me know.

Q: Can you get working on a new Mac AIM?

A: We have been.


seniors said...

juberti fell of the place of the internet but keeps the JAMs, jammin

imaginedreaiity said...

I'd like to know when they're going to put in an option to disable smilies.

jdstroy said...

I think it would be neat to allow full-data logging (much like MSN Messenger's logger) through XML and a XSL formatter instead of just partial data as done in current AIM loggers.  It'd be much easier to search, and the data could be reused in other (interesting) ways (for example, analyzing the number of times someone says "like"). Just my $0.02.

koriereed said...

I use AIM Triton and I downloaded and installed the latest version of JAMs. When I go into my settings I can change any settings I want. But when I go into PLUGINs and try to change settings for the JAMs PLUGINs it won't let me! I think there is still another glitch and it needs to be fixed.