Thursday, September 22, 2005

Humor for Geeks

I was talking to some folks who just got back from the Microsoft developer conference, one of the things they mentioned from the conference was a Microsoft Battlebot whose operating code was all written in .NET. Appropriately, it is called "The Finalizer". Even better is its tagline: "IDispatch the Fury". (If you didn't get it, you can read about .NET's garbage collector or IDispatch.) has details, including the source code for download.

My sources tell me various things about this guy, but he has flow. ytcracker, the "heavily disputed king of nerd rap" has released an album for free download of several raps set to soundtracks from old Nintendo games. One of my favorite lyrics (from "meganerd"):

 "Basically BASIC was the first language I spoke, I was telling Apple deuces just where they could PEEK and POKE".

Legit old school. If raps about "pushing and popping, XOR and NOPing" sound interesting to you, give it a listen.


j3v said...

old news. its been out awhile. ytcracker is old school. i hope he makes a zero tollerance part iii

seniors said...

Yessssss glad to see the Ytcracker album posted.  I am excited about the new STC album coming out which I've been recording my track to.

Btw Mr 3char commenter, Juberti's blog doesn't state anywhere that he is posting the latest and greatest news so even if the album was from 5 years ago, it is still appropriate to post.


jtm297 said...

justin knows good music!