Thursday, August 18, 2005

JAMS 1.5 Released (And Logging for All...)

JAMS 1.5, the newest set of plugins for AIM Triton, is now available. JAMS 1.5 works under AIM Triton Beta 3 and 4. For more information on JAMS, click here.

Lots of goodies in JAMS 1.5 (which is why it took so long):
EZLogger - automatically logs your IM and chat room conversations (finally!) [screenshot]
* FightClub - AIM Fight against everyone on your buddylist at once! See who's regulating in your hood. [screenshot]
Profiler (by Greg Cypes)- Set and edit your AIM profile.
AVProps (by Steven)- Tweak the control knobs for voice and video sessions.
* MyTunes - iTunes is now supported in addition to WinAmp.

Update 09/06/2005: JAMS 2.0 for Triton Beta 5 will be out soon. If you are having problems with IMs not showing up in EZLogger, if possible email me a copy of the IM that was lost. We do a conversion from the funky AOLRTF format used by older AIM clients to XHTML 1.0, and the kinks in this converter are still being worked out.


ksc2l8 said...

Awsome job.

but where do the logs store?
what exactly is freq buddies?
how do i get to the fight club screenshot?
and can we get support for linked screennames? specifically LWAway
and why are the descriptions in some foreign language?

juberti said...

Should have mentioned this in the post - once you enable the plugins, they will add themselves as commands to the plugin tray icon menu. From there you can view the logs, start fight club, etc.

Freq buddies wasn't supposed to be part of JAMS 1.5 - where are you seeing it?

LWAway should already support linked names - are you sure this isn't working? However the commands on the tray icon menu are only for the master screenname.

The descriptions use filler text since that part is not hooked up yet in AIM Triton.

ksc2l8 said...

linked screennames are in fact working I just didn't think so because the drop down menu wasn't big enough for 2. And I defently see freq buddies in the plugin manager. I can hit config and it shows me the stats which you could tell me are either who I talk to the most or are on the most. and I have notice that my tunes overwrites the profiler and even when winamp or itunes is closed

seniors said...

NICE updates, testing now.

Hint: Ytcracker :-!!!)!)!)

indusjunkie said...


alan30108 said...

running man on my pc a lot of crap

carbonfiber said...

Doesn't work with windows 2003?!!?!

carbonfiber said...

Also do aol journals support RSS feeds and if so how do I RSS feed yours?

bangbang023 said...


julian352 said...

It seems that EZLogger takes the text at render time, rather than at receive time. That means that if the rendering doesn't happen well, (ie. I've uninstalled AOL browser and now IM window sometimes doesn't popup well.) there no log either.

(Is it even "supported" to have no browser? I want the thing to use my browser and not install extra.)

scgod66 said...

Why cant i download this ad on???