Monday, May 9, 2005

250 Buddies!

I've said it before - there's going to be a lot of great stuff coming out of AOL this summer. Today's improvement is a new buddylist limit of 250 buddies per list (up from 200).

Also some folks have been asking about AIM Triton: is it AIM 6, or is it part of a software suite? The answer is: both. It's the successor to AIM 5.9; the latest AIM 5.9 version with AOL Browser will be the last version from the AIM 5.9 codebase. AIM 6 is also one of the first of a suite of applications (AOL Browser is another) built on top of our core platform and with our Boxely UI toolkit. I don't know whether AIM 6 will actually be called "AIM 6" when it has its final release - that's something the marketing people will decide.


austeinm said...

My AIM client started acting up last night.  Then I got a message about combining lists from multiple AOL services.  I couldn't figure out the problem.  Now I understand.

dolfan1986 said...

I know this has been somthing that has been on many users wish lists for quite some time now. Good Job!

Now the next big wish, a [much] larger profile limit!!!!

Good Luck ;)

jtm297 said...

Yay! No more optimizing my buddy list for a little while atleast. Very very excited about AIM 6!

seniors said...

Man Juberti thanks 10x for this.  If we ever get 500 buddies it will rock off my socks.  I remember back in the day when blists weren't hosted server side and I could edit the registry and max out my list, oh the days.  Thanks again!

nickgraywfu said...

This is bonus cool. Bigger profiles are next, I can feel it.
I made a little "50 more buddies!" graphic and posted it on our blog at  

juberti said...

Thanks for the feedback, and keep checking back for more good stuff!